Our Story

In 2020 I found that I kept having energy slumps, experiencing body pains and struggling with skin conditions. Through diligent research and experimentation, I discovered that I was gluten and dairy intolerant. As a result, I started exploring easy, healthy and nutritious snack options to include in my diet, and that would improve my overall well-being. And, when I saw and felt the improvements to my health, I knew that I had to share this with my community.  


Eventually this led to me finding Galt Bakery and meeting the father & daughter team who founded the company. I knew 100% that I had found the right products to promote; Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Kosher-Certified, Handmade, no additives and non-GMO. Our healthy and tasty snacks and treats are made fresh locally, by hand without preservatives. They are so delicious you would not even know they are gluten-free! We can't wait for you to try our current line of cookies and other upcoming innovative, yummy and healthy snack options!!